Ch – 2 From Trade To Territory : The Company Establishes Power ( Part 1 )

Q.1: Bahadur Shah Zafar and his sons were arrested by ______________.

a) Captain Clive

b) Captain William

c) Captain Hodson

Q.2: Aurangzeb died in the year of _________.

a) 1710

b) 1707

c) 1700

Q.3: Who granted the sole right to trade with East to the East India Company in 1600 ?

a) Queen Elizabeth

b) Queen Margaret

c) Queen Victoria

Q.4: Vasco Da Gama discovered the sea route to India in ___________.

a) 1465

b) 1495

c) 1498

Q.5: Who were the first foreign traders to establish their presence in India ?

a) Dutch

b) French

c) Portuguese

Q.6: What led to fierce battles between the trading companies ?

a) the increase in number of trading companies

b) the urge to secure markets

c) the high demand of Indian products

Q.7: The first English factory was established on the banks of the river Hugli in __________.

a) 1650

b) 1651

c) 1661

Q.8: Company’s traders were earlier known as ______________.

a) factors

b) mansabdars

c) officers

Q.9: What right/s was/were given to the company by Aurangzeb’s farman ?

a) The right to trade duty free

b) The right to collect land revenue

c) Both

Q.10: Which of the following statements are true regarding the Nawabs of Bengal’s attitude towards the Company ?

i) They demanded large tributes for the Company’s right to trade

ii) They denied it any right to mint coins

iii) They stopped it from extending its fortifications

iv) They granted concessions

a) i and iv

b) i, ii and iii

c) All are correct

Q.11: Who sent forces under the command of Robert Clive to Calcutta ?

a) Company officials in Goa

b) Company officials in Madras

c) Company officials in Bengaluru

Q.12: Why did the battle of Plassey became famous ?

a) Because it was the first major victory of Company in India

b) Because it was the first major victory of Nawab

c) Because it was the first war fought

Q.13: What was the prime objective of the Company ?

a) To take administrative responsibility

b) To build more forts

c) To expand the trade

Q.14: Who was installed instead of Mir Jafar ?

a) Mir Siraj

b) Mir Alivardi

c) Mir Qasim

Q.15: When did the Mughal emperor appointed Company as the Diwan of the provinces of Bengal ?

a) 1765

b) 1755

c) 1865

Q.16: What was the plight of actual nawabs after the Battle of Plassey ?

i) They were given the titles of landlords.

ii) They were forced to give their lands

iii) They gave vast sums as personal gifts to Company officials

a) i and iii

b) ii and iii

c) i, ii and iii

Q.17: When was Robert Clive appointed as the Governor of Bengal ?

a) 1764

b) 1772

c) 1707

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