Ch – 12 Reproduction In Plants

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  • The production of new individuals from their parents is known as reproduction.
  • Roots, stem and leaves are known as the vegetative parts of a plant.
  • Flowers are the reproductive part of the plant.
  • The two categories of reproduction are: sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction.
  • 1) Asexual Reproduction
  • The reproduction where plants can reproduce new plants without seeds is known as asexual reproduction.
  • Types of asexual reproduction are:
  • Vegetative Propagation
  • New plants are produced from roots, stems, leaves and buds.
  • Eg: Rose plant and money plant can be reproduced by cutting its stem, Bryophyllum has buds in the leaf margin which gives rise to new plants, Sweet potato and dahlia reproduce through roots.
  • Plants produced by vegetative propagation take less time to grow and bear flowers and fruits earlier than those produced from seeds.
  • The new plants are exact copies of the parent plant, as they are produced from a…

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