Natural Vegetation & Wildlife

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  • Natural vegetation is classified into three categories:
    • Forests – Grow where temperature and rainfall are plentiful.
    • Grasslands – Grow in the regions with moderate rain.
    • Shrubs – Grow in dry region.
  • Types of Forests are:
    • Tropical Evergreen Forests:
    • Found in the regions near equator and close to the tropics.
    • Receives hot and heavy rainfall throughout the year.
    • Trees do not shed their leaves altogether.
    • Trees grown here – Ebony, Mahogany, Rosewood, etc.
    • Tropical Deciduous Forests:
    • Found in the large part of India, northern Australia and in Central America.
    • They experience seasonal changes.
    • Trees grown here – Sal, Teak, Neem, etc.
    • Animals found here – Tigers, Lions, Elephants, etc.
    • Temperate Evergreen Forests:
    • Located in mid-latitudinal coastal regions.
    • Commonly found along the eastern margins of continents.
    • Found in South East USA, South China and in South East Brazil.
    • Trees found here – Oak, Pine, Eucalyptus, etc.
    • Temperate Deciduous Forests:
    • Found in higher…

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