Multiplication Word Problems Worksheet

Word Problems:

Q.1: There are 892 students in a school. How many students are there in such 1587 schools ?

Q.2: The cost of one notebook is Rs. 57. Find the cost of 1186 such books.

Q.3: A book contains 215 pages. How many pages are there in 2684 such books ?

Q.4: A train travels 112 km in one hour. How far will it travel in 72 hours ?

Q.5: How many hours are there in 3698 days ?

Q.6: There are 5682 sacks of potatoes in a godown. Each sack contains 258 potatoes. Find the total number of potatoes in all the sacks.

Q.7: A library contains 7863 books. Find the total number of books in such 568 libraries.

Q.8: How many minutes are there in 3691 hours ?

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