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Ch – 6 Colonialism & The City

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In the late eighteenth century, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras rose in importance as Presidency cities. In these cities, Indians lived in the “black areas” and British lived in “white areas“. Many people started moving to back to their places as the trade moved to new centers, this was…

Ch – 5 Judiciary

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Judiciary plays an important role in functioning of India’s democracy. The work of judiciary can be divided into three main categories: Dispute Resolution: It resolves disputes between two state governments, between central and state governments, between citizens and governments, between citizens. Judicial Review: Judiciary is the final interpreter…


Originally posted on Priya's Learning Centre:
It is used to express possibilities, abilities, permissions, obligations, etc. It is used before the ordinary verbs. The most important thing about Modal Verbs is that unlike other verbs, they never change their forms. You can use Modals in any tense, but they will remain in their original…


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