Transportation in Animals & Plants

The heart, an extensive network of blood vessels and blood forms circulatory system. Blood is a red coloured fluid which flows in the blood vessels to every part of the body. An average person has 4.5 – 5.5 litres of blood. Blood consists of two components: Fluid component: Plasma Yellowish colour Contains 90% water ItContinue reading “Transportation in Animals & Plants”

Reproduction In Animals

Q.1: _______ is the first cell of the new organism. a) embryo b) zygote c) none Q.2: Which of the following organisms reproduce by asexual reproduction? a) fish b) frog c) yeast Q.3: The fusion of male gamete with a female gamete to form a zygote during sexual reproduction is called _____________. a) fertilisation b)Continue reading “Reproduction In Animals”

Skeletal System & Nervous System

Q.1: Which of these is NOT the other name of backbone? a) vertebral column b) spine c) femur Q.2: A human skull is made up of _____ bones. a) 22 b) 14 c) 33 Q.3: _____ bone is the only movable bone in our skull. a) Upper jaw b) Lower jaw c) Flat bone Q.4:Continue reading “Skeletal System & Nervous System”

Crop Production & Management

Q.1: When plants of same kind are grown and cultivated at one place on a large scale, it is known as ________. a) forest b) crop c) weeds Q.2: The process of loosening and turning of soil is known as ______. a) tilling b) plouging c) both Q.3: ______ is a simple tool used toContinue reading “Crop Production & Management”

Ch – 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes

Malaria means ‘bad air’. Malaria is caused by disease carrying female Anopheles mosquitoes ( brownish with spotted wings ). Malaria can be detected by conducting blood test. Microscope makes things look thousand times bigger. The dried and powdered bark of Cinchona tree is used to make medicine for malaria. Earlier people used to boil theContinue reading “Ch – 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes”