Ch – 10 An Alien Head (Word Meanings)

forbidden – banned beckon – summon someone reservoir – a source of something sustenance – nourishment hostile – unfriendly trajectory – the path followed by a flying object vantage – a place or position affording a good view of something Martian – relating to the planet Mars prominent – important irresistible – too attractive toContinue reading “Ch – 10 An Alien Head (Word Meanings)”

Ch – 9 A Tiger In The House (Word Meanings)

intricate – having many small parts absurd – not at all logical crouch – to bend your legs and body close to the ground retriever – a breed of dog that are used in hunting prophetic – predictions about future frenzied – excited or uncontrolled civilised – at a stage of social and cultural developmentContinue reading “Ch – 9 A Tiger In The House (Word Meanings)”

Ch – 8 The Bear Story (Word Meanings)

manor – a large house in the country amiable – friendly clumsy – careless temptation – a feeling that you want something solitary – one on their own gust – a sudden strong wind trot – a speed that is faster than a walk parasol – an umbrella that one use to protect oneself fromContinue reading “Ch – 8 The Bear Story (Word Meanings)”

Ch – 7 Chandni

Q.1: Abbu Khan kept ______ as pets. a) dogs b) goats c) cats Q.2: Abbu Khan lived in ________. a) Almora b) Tarapur c) Banaras Q.3: Why did the goats break the string and run away from Abbu Khan? a) Because they didn’t get proper food b) Because they didn’t like to be tied toContinue reading “Ch – 7 Chandni”

Ch – 7 Chandni (Word Meanings)

beyond – outside the limits of struggle – engage in conflict mystery – something that is difficult or impossible to understand hardship – severe suffering gleaming – reflecting light narrate – deliver a commentary jerk – quick, sharp, sudden movement anguish – severe mental or physical suffering appetite – a strong desire for something obstinateContinue reading “Ch – 7 Chandni (Word Meanings)”