Ch – 6 Towns, Traders & Craftspersons

Q.1: _____________ was the capital of Cholas. a) Thanjavur b) Madurai c) Hampi Q.2: ___________________ was the architect of Rajarajeshvara Temple. a) Kunjaramallan Rajaraja Perunthachchan b) King Rajaraja Chola c) Rajendra Chola Q.3: __________ is an alloy containing copper and tin. a) Bronze b) Steel c) Bauxite Q.4: Chola bronze statue were made using theContinue reading “Ch – 6 Towns, Traders & Craftspersons”

Ch – 5 When People Rebel – 1857 & After (Part 2)

Q.1: Who was the general of Nana Saheb ? a) Peshwa Baji Rao b) Rana Pratap c) Tantia Tope Q.2: What gave the people the confidence to take the plunge and join the rebellion ? a) Retreat of British army. b) Letters by Bahadur Shah Zafar. c) British were greatly outnumbered by the rebel forces.Continue reading “Ch – 5 When People Rebel – 1857 & After (Part 2)”