Ch – 13 A Shelter So High !

Q.1: The pashmina goats are found on very high altitudes of _________ m. a) 1000 m b) 5000 m c) 8000 m Q.2: ________ means a place where very few people live. a) Changthang b) Changpa c) Mehraab Q.3: Loner is the name of the author’s ___________. a) dog b) bike c) mobile Bank ExamContinue reading “Ch – 13 A Shelter So High !”

Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts

Q.1: Sar means a ________. a) river b) pond c) lake Q.2: King ___________ of Jaisalmer made Ghadisar with the help of people, 650 years ago. a) Pratap b) Aurangzeb c) Ghadsi Q.3: All around the Ghadisar, there were _________ with steps leading to the water, decorated verandahs, rooms and much more. a) ghats b)Continue reading “Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts”

Ch – 12 What If It Finishes….??

Q.1: Which of these vehicles doesn’t give out smoke ? a) tractor b) bicycle c) sccoter Q.2: If Neha’s car runs out of petrol, she has to go to ___________ to get petrol. a) petrol pump b) restaurant c) shopping mall Q.3: Which of these states in India has/have oil fields ? a) Gujarat b)Continue reading “Ch – 12 What If It Finishes….??”

Ch – 10 Walls Tell Stories

Q.1: In 1200, the Golconda Fort was made of ______. a) mud b) cement c) concrete Q.2: ___________ Sultans lived in the fort one after another. a) Qutubshahi b) Mughal c) Sayyid Q.3: Bastions are also known as _________. a) burj b) cannons c) baoli Q.4: There are ____ bastions in the outer wall ofContinue reading “Ch – 10 Walls Tell Stories”

Changing Times

Q.1: What is the name of Chetandas’s wife? a) Tina     b) Kareena     c) Suman Q.2: Where did they build their kitchen? a) Near bedroom      b) in courtyard      c) on terrace Q.3: The branches of neem and keekar trees help to keep _____ away from wood. a) termites     b) ants     c) bugs Q.4: Dera Gazikhan isContinue reading “Changing Times”