Practical Geometry (Bisectors) Worksheet

Q.1: Construct a perpendicular bisector of line segment PQ of 8.4 cm. Q.2: Draw a line segment AB of any length. Take a point K on it. Through K, draw a perpendicular bisector to AB. Q.3: Draw a line segment of length 10.3 cm and construct its perpendicular bisector. Q.4: Draw a circle of 5Continue reading “Practical Geometry (Bisectors) Worksheet”

Area (Parallelogram & Triangle)

Q.1: Find the area of the following parallelograms: a) b = 10 m, h = 5 m b) b = 7.5 m, h = 5.5 m

Factorization Worksheet – 1

Q.1: Find the common factors of the given terms: a) 13y, 26x b) 85xy, 40×2 c) 18p3 , 16p d) 25pqr, 18qr2 e) 8×2 y3 , 14×3 y2 f) 11pq, 22pr, 33qr Q.2: Factorize the following expressions: a) 8y – 16 b) 15pq + 25q2 c) 18z – 9 d) 14ab + 7b2 – 21bContinue reading “Factorization Worksheet – 1”