Triangle & Its Properties

Q.1: Write the six elements i.e. sides and angles of triangle PQR. Q.2: An exterior angle of an triangle is of measure 80 ֯, and one of its interior opposite angle is of measure 55 ֯. Find the measure of the other interior opposite angle. Q.3: The two interior opposite angles of an exterior angleContinue reading “Triangle & Its Properties”

Linear Equations

Q.1: The sum of three consecutive multiples of 11 is 363. Find these numbers. Q.2: The difference between two whole numbers is 65. If the ratio of two numbers is 8:3. What are the two numbers? Q.3: The perimeter of a rectangular hall is 240 cm. If the length is 3 m more than twiceContinue reading “Linear Equations”

Ch – 7 Fractions

Q.1: What fraction of a day is 6 hours? Q.2: What fraction of an hour is 30 minutes? Q.3: What fraction of a kilogram is 600 grams? Q.4: What fraction of a meter is 70 centimeter? Q.5: Draw number lines and locate the points on them: a) 3/9, 4/9, 1/9, 8/9 b) 6/11, 4/11, 2/11,Continue reading “Ch – 7 Fractions”


Q.1: Give expressions in the following cases: a) 10 added to p b) 5 multiplied by q c) 8 subtracted from z d) k added to 27 e) f divided by 6 f) 6 times z added to 6 g) j is multiplied by 6 and the result is then subtracted from 18 h) 13Continue reading “Algebra”

Profit & Loss

Q.1: Selling price of a toy is Rs 540. If the profit made by the shopkeeper is 20%, what is the cost of the toy? Q.2: Rohan sells his bat for Rs 220 with a profit of 10%. Find its cost price. Q.3: The cost of a basket is Rs 120. If the shopkeeper sellsContinue reading “Profit & Loss”