Changing Times

Q.1: What is the name of Chetandas’s wife? a) Tina     b) Kareena     c) Suman Q.2: Where did they build their kitchen? a) Near bedroom      b) in courtyard      c) on terrace Q.3: The branches of neem and keekar trees help to keep _____ away from wood. a) termites     b) ants     c) bugs Q.4: Dera Gazikhan isContinue reading “Changing Times”

Ch – 12 Changing Times

Chetandas used to teach students. When he was nine years old, he lived in Dera Gazikhan, Pakistan. One day, his father told him that they had to leave their house and village. He took a train to Delhi with his Baba, Amma, younger brothers and sisters. Many people were moving as the country was dividedContinue reading “Ch – 12 Changing Times”