Sample Paper B

Section A (Each question carries 2 marks) Q.1: Simplify the expression and evaluate it as directed: x (x – 3) + 2 for x = 1

Direct & Inverse Proportions

Q.1: If 52 women can complete a work in 35 days, in how many days 28 women will do the same work ? a) 70 days b) 60 days

Direct & Inverse Proportion Worksheet

Q.1: A worker is paid Rs 2106 for 6 days. How much will he earn for 13 days of work ?

Direct Proportion Worksheet

Q.1: If the cost of 15 kg potatoes is Rs 120, find the cost of 7 kg potatoes. Q.2: If the cost of 4 pens is Rs 24, then find the cost of 8 pens. Q.3: The cost of 20 litre milk is Rs 380. Find the cost of 13 litre milk. Q.4: If theContinue reading “Direct Proportion Worksheet”