Ch – 13 Why Do We Fall Ill ?

Q.1: __________ is a state of being well enough to function well physically, mentally and socially. a) Health b) Disease c) None Q.2: __________ disease lasts for a short period of time. a) Acute b) Chronic c) Both Q.3: ___________ system is made up of bones and muscles. a) Musculoskeletal b) Nervous c) Circulatory Q.4:Continue reading “Ch – 13 Why Do We Fall Ill ?”

Ch – 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes

Malaria means ‘bad air’. Malaria is caused by disease carrying female Anopheles mosquitoes ( brownish with spotted wings ). Malaria can be detected by conducting blood test. Microscope makes things look thousand times bigger. The dried and powdered bark of Cinchona tree is used to make medicine for malaria. Earlier people used to boil theContinue reading “Ch – 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes”