Ch – 3 Drainage

Q.1: The elevated area, such as a mountain or an upland, that separates two drainage basins is known as _______________. a) drainage divide b) stream divide

Ch – 3 Drainage (Part 2)

The river with their tributaries form the “river system“. The river systems of Himalayan rivers are: The Indus River System: Indus river rises in Tibet, near Lake Mansoravar. It enters India via the Ladakh district. Tributaries like Zaskar, Nubra, Shyok and Hunza join it in Kashmir. Satluj, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum join it nearContinue reading “Ch – 3 Drainage (Part 2)”

Ch – 3 Drainage (Part 1)

Drainage describes the river system of an area. The area drained by a single river system is called a drainage basin. And if any elevated area like a mountain or an upland separates two drainage basins, then it is known as water divide.