Unit 9 – Around The World (Q-A)

Reading Is Fun Q.1: Which tribe of Red Indians attacked the travelers ? Ans: Sioux Indians, a tribe of Red Indians attacked the travellers. Q.2: Which was the highest point of their journey ? Ans: The highest point of their journey was 7,524 feet above the sea level. Q.3: Why did the train stop theContinue reading “Unit 9 – Around The World (Q-A)”

Ch – 10 An Alien Head (Word Meanings)

forbidden – banned beckon – summon someone reservoir – a source of something sustenance – nourishment hostile – unfriendly trajectory – the path followed by a flying object vantage – a place or position affording a good view of something Martian – relating to the planet Mars prominent – important irresistible – too attractive toContinue reading “Ch – 10 An Alien Head (Word Meanings)”

Ch – 9 A Tiger In The House (Word Meanings)

intricate – having many small parts absurd – not at all logical crouch – to bend your legs and body close to the ground retriever – a breed of dog that are used in hunting prophetic – predictions about future frenzied – excited or uncontrolled civilised – at a stage of social and cultural developmentContinue reading “Ch – 9 A Tiger In The House (Word Meanings)”

Ch – 8 The Bear Story (Word Meanings)

manor – a large house in the country amiable – friendly clumsy – careless temptation – a feeling that you want something solitary – one on their own gust – a sudden strong wind trot – a speed that is faster than a walk parasol – an umbrella that one use to protect oneself fromContinue reading “Ch – 8 The Bear Story (Word Meanings)”

A Strange Wrestling Match (Word Meanings)

https://amzn.to/3pvCqLR wrestler – a person who takes part in wrestling shortcoming – a fault or failure to meet certain standard proclaimed – announce officially or publicly murmurs – a softly spoken or almost inaudible utterance apprehension – anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen shriek – utter a high-pitched piercing sound wildernessContinue reading “A Strange Wrestling Match (Word Meanings)”