Ch – 14 When The Earth Shook

Q.1: On ________________, a disastrous earthquake occurred in Kutch, Gujarat. a) 26 December, 2001 b) 26 February, 2001 c) 26 January, 2001 Q.2: Why were the villagers gathered in the school ground ? a) To watch sports competition. b) To watch parade. c) To watch inter-school cricket match. Q.3: How many people died in Jasma’sContinue reading “Ch – 14 When The Earth Shook”

Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts

Q.1: Sar means a ________. a) river b) pond c) lake Q.2: King ___________ of Jaisalmer made Ghadisar with the help of people, 650 years ago. a) Pratap b) Aurangzeb c) Ghadsi Q.3: All around the Ghadisar, there were _________ with steps leading to the water, decorated verandahs, rooms and much more. a) ghats b)Continue reading “Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts”

Changing Times

Q.1: What is the name of Chetandas’s wife? a) Tina     b) Kareena     c) Suman Q.2: Where did they build their kitchen? a) Near bedroom      b) in courtyard      c) on terrace Q.3: The branches of neem and keekar trees help to keep _____ away from wood. a) termites     b) ants     c) bugs Q.4: Dera Gazikhan isContinue reading “Changing Times”

Ch – 9 Up You Go

Brigadier Gyan Singh was the course director. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is situated in Uttarkashi. The responsibilities of a group leader are: Help others in carrying their bags. Let the group go ahead and keep to the last. Help those who cannot climb properly. Find a good place to stop and rest. Look after thoseContinue reading “Ch – 9 Up You Go”

Ch – 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes

Malaria means ‘bad air’. Malaria is caused by disease carrying female Anopheles mosquitoes ( brownish with spotted wings ). Malaria can be detected by conducting blood test. Microscope makes things look thousand times bigger. The dried and powdered bark of Cinchona tree is used to make medicine for malaria. Earlier people used to boil theContinue reading “Ch – 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes”