Ch – 3 Fibre To Fabric

Fabric is made from yarn. Yarn is made from fibre. Fibres are of two types: natural and artificial. Some of the natural fibres are cotton, silk, etc. Natural fibres are obtained from plant or animal. Some of the artificial fibres are polyester, nylon, etc. The other name of artificial fibres is synthetic fibres. The fruitsContinue reading “Ch – 3 Fibre To Fabric”

Ch – 4 The Mughal Dynasty

From the latter half of the sixteenth century the Mughals expanded their kingdom from Agra and Delhi until in the seventeenth century they controlled nearly all over the subcontinent. They imposed structures of administration and ideas of governance that outlasted their rule, leaving a political legacy that succeeding rulers of the subcontinent could not ignore.Continue reading “Ch – 4 The Mughal Dynasty”