Word Problems Worksheet – 1

Q.1: The library donated 4852, 2536 and 4752 books in the month of January, February and March respectively. Find the total number of books donated in these three months.

The Southern Plateau ( Part 2 )

In this part, we will learn about the remaining states which are located in the southern plateau. Tamil Nadu: Capital – Chennai Important cities – Thanjavur, Salem, Madurai Crops – rice, cotton, groundnuts Tourist attractions – Meenakshi Temple, Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram Temple National Parks – Mudumalai, Annamalai Minerals – Vermiculite, Dunite, Rutile Manorama Year Book 2021Continue reading “The Southern Plateau ( Part 2 )”

Profit & Loss Worksheet

Q.1: Find the gain or loss: a) C.P = Rs 1250, S.P = Rs 1000 b) C.P = Rs 12,000, S.P = Rs 9,000 c) C.P = Rs 1750, S.P = Rs 1840 Q.2: Word Problems: a) If a watch purchased for Rs 120 is sold for Rs 185, then find the loss or profitContinue reading “Profit & Loss Worksheet”

Playing With Numbers

Q.1: Find HCF of : a. 16 and 84 b. 36 and 44 c. 12 and 120 Q.2: Find LCM of : a. 24 and 36 b. 16 and 42 c. 15 and 60 Q.3: Write factors of : a. 48            b. 120             c. 75 Q.4: Draw factor tree for the following numbers : a.Continue reading “Playing With Numbers”

Changing Times

Q.1: What is the name of Chetandas’s wife? a) Tina     b) Kareena     c) Suman Q.2: Where did they build their kitchen? a) Near bedroom      b) in courtyard      c) on terrace Q.3: The branches of neem and keekar trees help to keep _____ away from wood. a) termites     b) ants     c) bugs Q.4: Dera Gazikhan isContinue reading “Changing Times”