Ch – 14 When The Earth Shook

Q.1: On ________________, a disastrous earthquake occurred in Kutch, Gujarat. a) 26 December, 2001 b) 26 February, 2001 c) 26 January, 2001 Q.2: Why were the villagers gathered in the school ground ? a) To watch sports competition. b) To watch parade. c) To watch inter-school cricket match. Q.3: How many people died in Jasma’sContinue reading “Ch – 14 When The Earth Shook”


Q.1: Write the following as decimals: Three hundred and three-tenth a) 300.3 b) 30.3 c) 0.303 Q.2: What is the place value of 9 in 23.49 ? a) tens b) tenth c) hundredth Q.3: The expanded form of 8.09 is _________. a) 8 + 0/10 + 9/100 b) 8 + 0/100 + 9/1000 c) 8/10Continue reading “Decimals”

Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts

Q.1: Sar means a ________. a) river b) pond c) lake Q.2: King ___________ of Jaisalmer made Ghadisar with the help of people, 650 years ago. a) Pratap b) Aurangzeb c) Ghadsi Q.3: All around the Ghadisar, there were _________ with steps leading to the water, decorated verandahs, rooms and much more. a) ghats b)Continue reading “Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts”

Ch – 9 Force, Work & Energy

Q.1: Energy in an object due to its position and its motion is called _________ energy. a) potential b) kinetic c) mechanical Q.2: The ability to do work is known as ___________. a) energy b) force c) friction Q.3: We use _______ energy to cook food. a) chemical b) heat c) light Q.4: In _________-classContinue reading “Ch – 9 Force, Work & Energy”


Q.1: 8 1/2 can be written in improper fraction as _______. a) 10/2 b) 8/2 c) 17/2 Q.2: The fraction in which numerator is greater than denominator is known as ________ fraction. a) improper b) unit c) proper Q.3: A fraction is said to be in its lowest form if its numerator and denominator haveContinue reading “Fractions”