Unit 10 – Malu Bhalu & Who Will Be Ningthou ?

Q.1: Malu lived in a _____. a) igloo b) cave c) lair Q.2: Why did Malu want to go far out to play ? a) To play with her friend b) To see the things that lie there c) None of the above Q.3: Who clasped Malu tightly within her arms ? a) her auntContinue reading “Unit 10 – Malu Bhalu & Who Will Be Ningthou ?”

Unit 8 – Nobody’s Friend & The Little Bully

Q.1: Why is she nobody’s friend ? a) Because she wouldn’t share her sweets. b) Because she doesn’t like to be anybody’s friend. c) Because she likes to stay alone. Q.2: The boy didn’t lend his _____. a) tricycle b) motorcar c) bike Q.3: What lesson do we learn from the poem “Nobody’s Friend” ?Continue reading “Unit 8 – Nobody’s Friend & The Little Bully”

Unit 7 – Topsy Turvy Land & Gulliver’s Travels

Q.1: In topsy turvy land, you pay for what you _____. a) get b) sell c) never get Q.2: The children go to school at _____ in topsy turvy land. a) morning b) noon c) night Q.3: The sea is made of _____ in topsy turvy land. a) chocolate b) sand c) pearls Q.4: WhenContinue reading “Unit 7 – Topsy Turvy Land & Gulliver’s Travels”

Unit 6 – Class Discussion & The Talkative Barber

Q.1: Who stayed quiet during the class discussion ? a) Jane b) Julie c) Jamie Q.2: Who is the poet of the poem ” Class Discussion “? a) German Phinn b) Gervase Phinn c) Gordon Phinn Q.3: A sweet dish served after meal is known as _____. a) dessert b) supper c) starter Q.4: HowContinue reading “Unit 6 – Class Discussion & The Talkative Barber”

Unit 5 – The Lazy Frog & Rip Van Winkle

Q.1: Where does the frog loll all day long ? a) tree b) beach c) log Q.2: Who calls the frog in vain ? a) His mother b) His sister c) His wife Q.3: What was the frog’s reaction when a lady frog passed by ? a) He offered her help b) He bowed hisContinue reading “Unit 5 – The Lazy Frog & Rip Van Winkle”