Ch – 10 Traders, Kings & Pilgrims

Let’s Recall Q.1: Match the following:

Ch – 9 Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

Let’s Recall Q.1: Fill in the blanks: a) Vellalar was a word used for large landowners in Tamil.

Ch – 8 Ashoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War

Let’s Recall Q.1: Make a list of the occupations of the people who lived within the Mauryan empire. Ans: Farming, Herding, Trading, Hunting, Trade, Working with Emperor, Crafts. Q.2: Complete the following sentences: a) Officials collected taxes from the area under the direct control of the ruler. b) Royal princes often went to the provincesContinue reading “Ch – 8 Ashoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War”

Early Kingdoms In India

Q.1: Landless agricultural labourers were known as ___________. a) tribes b) kammakaras c) bhikkus Q.2: The land where jana sets foot and get settled down is known as ________. a) mahajanapada b) janapada c) sangha Q.3: ___________ is a famous Buddhist book that contains the sayings of the Buddha. a) Vinaya Pitaka b) Digha NikayaContinue reading “Early Kingdoms In India”

The First Empire & Ashoka

Q.1: A king who believed in increasing the size of his kingdom by war is known as ____________. a) expansionist b) Strategist c) Controller Q.2: __________ is a Prakrit word which means ‘religious duty’. a) dhamma b) karma c) none Q.3: _______ is the oldest script used in India. a) Brahmi b) Gupta c) DevanagariContinue reading “The First Empire & Ashoka”