Ch – 8 Rural Livelihoods

Q.1: Kalpattu is a village in _____________. a) Kerala b) Telangana c) Tamil Nadu Q.2: Name the main crop grown in Kalpattu. a) Wheat b) Ragi c) Paddy Q.3: Ramalingam pays _______ for a day’s work to workers. a) Rs 50 b) Rs 100 c) Rs 40 Q.4: Nearly ____________ of all the rural familiesContinue reading “Ch – 8 Rural Livelihoods”

Ch – 5 Separation Of Substances

Q.1: The mixture in which the constituents are uniformly distributed and each part of the mixture has the same properties, is known as _________________ mixture. a) Homogeneous b) Heterogeneous c) None Q.2: The substances which are mixed to form a mixture are called ____________. a) constituents b) components c) Both Q.3: Which of the followingContinue reading “Ch – 5 Separation Of Substances”

Ch – 6 The Monkey & The Crocodile

Q.1: The monkey lived in a ____________ tree. a) banyan b) eucalyptus c) fruit Q.2: Why did the monkey feel lonely ? a) Because he had no friends. b) Because he didn’t like fruits. c) Because he was sick. Q.3: Who appeared on the riverside one day ? a) crocodile b) another monkey c) crocodile’sContinue reading “Ch – 6 The Monkey & The Crocodile”