Ch – 7 Our Country – India (Objectives)

Q: Tick the correct answer: a) The southernmost Himalayas are known as _____________.

Urban Administration Municipal Corporation: Cities with a large population have Municipal Corporations. Cities are divided into wards and each ward elects a Ward Councillor. The number of councillors vary according to the size of the city. Any person who is 21 years or above who want to be a ward councillor can contest the election. TheyContinue reading “Urban Administration”

Rise Of New Ideas And Religions

Upanishads Meaning – sitting near a guru or a teacher who is revered. Written in the form of dialogues between student and teacher. Some of the important Upanishads are Taittiriya, Katha, Chandogya and Mundaka. Upanishadic thinkers were mostly kings and brahmins. Satyakama Jabala was poor but became one of the best known thinkers of thatContinue reading “Rise Of New Ideas And Religions”

A Strange Wrestling Match (Word Meanings) wrestler – a person who takes part in wrestling shortcoming – a fault or failure to meet certain standard proclaimed – announce officially or publicly murmurs – a softly spoken or almost inaudible utterance apprehension – anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen shriek – utter a high-pitched piercing sound wildernessContinue reading “A Strange Wrestling Match (Word Meanings)”