Ch – 6 Major Landforms Of The Earth

Q.1: A steep hill with an elevation of more than _______ metres is termed as a ‘mountain’. a) 500 b) 600

Ch – 5 Major Domains Of The Earth (Part 1)

Q.1: The solid portion of the earth where we live is called _________. a) biosphere b) atmosphere c) lithosphere Q.2: In Greek, ________ means ‘water’. a) Bios b) Atmos c) Hudor Q.3: Elevation of land is measured from the level of sea which is taken as __________. a) one b) negative one c) zero Q.4:Continue reading “Ch – 5 Major Domains Of The Earth (Part 1)”

Playing With Numbers

Q.1: Find HCF of : a. 16 and 84 b. 36 and 44 c. 12 and 120 Q.2: Find LCM of : a. 24 and 36 b. 16 and 42 c. 15 and 60 Q.3: Write factors of : a. 48            b. 120             c. 75 Q.4: Draw factor tree for the following numbers : a.Continue reading “Playing With Numbers”

Triangle & Its Properties

Q.1: Write the six elements i.e. sides and angles of triangle PQR. Q.2: An exterior angle of an triangle is of measure 80 ึฏ, and one of its interior opposite angle is of measure 55 ึฏ. Find the measure of the other interior opposite angle. Q.3: The two interior opposite angles of an exterior angleContinue reading “Triangle & Its Properties”