Ch – 6 Towns, Traders & Craftspersons

Q.1: _____________ was the capital of Cholas. a) Thanjavur b) Madurai c) Hampi Q.2: ___________________ was the architect of Rajarajeshvara Temple. a) Kunjaramallan Rajaraja Perunthachchan b) King Rajaraja Chola c) Rajendra Chola Q.3: __________ is an alloy containing copper and tin. a) Bronze b) Steel c) Bauxite Q.4: Chola bronze statue were made using theContinue reading “Ch – 6 Towns, Traders & Craftspersons”

Ch – 3 How The State Government Works

Q.1: Our government works at __________ levels. a) three b) two c) five Q.2: Members of Legislative Assembly are elected by _________. a) people b) President c) Chief Minister Q.3: Each state is divided into ___________. a) countries b) constituencies c) none Q.4: The political party that has gets the majority of votes becomesContinue reading “Ch – 3 How The State Government Works”

Ch – 6 I Want Something In A Cage

Q.1: Mr Purcell owns a _______ shop. a) bakery b) pet c) shoe Q.2: __________ is a small, bright yellow bird noted for its singing. a) humming bird b) canary c) cuckoo Q.3: What was Mr Purcell’s morning routine ? a) To drink coffee b) To read morning paper c) To take heavy breakfast Q.4:Continue reading “Ch – 6 I Want Something In A Cage”