Ch – 7 The Invention Of Vita-Wonka

Q.1: Mr. Willy Wonka invented ________________, which made people younger. a) Vita-Wonka b) Wonka-Vite c) Vite-Wonka

Poem 6 – Mystery Of The Talking Fan

Q.1: The talking fan’s chatter was ___________. a) noisy b) electrical

Ch – 8 Fire: Friend & Foe

Comprehension Check: Q.1: Mark the correct answer in each of the following: i) Early man was frightened of _____________. Ans: fire ii) Ans: Fire is the result of a chemical reaction. Q.2: From the boxes given below choose the one with the correct order of the following sentences: i) That is fire. ii) A chemicalContinue reading “Ch – 8 Fire: Friend & Foe”