Ch – 6 Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

Q.1: In __________ offence, the police may arrest a person without the permission of the court.

Ch – 6 Combustion & Flame

Q.1: When a combustible substance burns on its own without the help of any external heat, it is known as ______________ combustion. a) rapid b) spontaneous c) explosive

Ch – 11 The Making Of The National Movement: 1870s – 1947 (Part 1)

Q.1: The Arms Act was passed in the year ________, disallowing Indians from possessing arms. a) 1875 b) 1871 c) 1878

Linear Equations

Q.1: The sum of three consecutive multiples of 11 is 363. Find these numbers. Q.2: The difference between two whole numbers is 65. If the ratio of two numbers is 8:3. What are the two numbers? Q.3: The perimeter of a rectangular hall is 240 cm. If the length is 3 m more than twiceContinue reading “Linear Equations”