Ch – 10 Gravitation

Q.1: The motion of the moon around the earth is due to the __________ force. a) centrifugal

Ch – 9 Force & Laws Of Motion

Q.1: In 1581, Galileo wrote his first scientific book ________________, where he described Archimedes’ method of finding the relative densities of substances using a balance.

Animal Tissues

Based on their functions, animal tissues can be classified as: Epithelial Tissue Connective Tissue Muscular Tissue Nervous Tissue Epithelial Tissues:

Ch – 6 Tissues (Part 3)

Q.1: ____________ is a solid matrix composed of proteins and sugars. a) Bones b) Plasma c) Cartilage Q.2: Fats are stored in ____________ tissue. a) Adipose b) Adipocyte c) Areolar Q.3: Muscles contain special proteins known as ____________, which contract and relax to cause movement. a) contractile b) myoglobin c) collagen Q.4: The cells havingContinue reading “Ch – 6 Tissues (Part 3)”

Ch – 5 The Fundamental Unit Of Life (Part 3)

Q.1: Ribosomes are the sites of _______________ manufacture. a) proteins b) carbohydrates c) vitamins Q.2: Why does rough endoplasmic membrane looks rough under the microscope ? a) Because it has a network system. b) Because it has ribosomes attached to it. c) None Q.3: The SER helps in the manufacture of fat molecules and someContinue reading “Ch – 5 The Fundamental Unit Of Life (Part 3)”