Ch – 1 The French Revolution (Part 2)

Q.1: Which of the following statements are correct about the ‘Jacobin club’ ? i) Maximilian Robespierre was the leader of this club. ii) The members started wearing long striped trousers known as ‘Jacabins’. iii) The members belonged to the prosperous section of the society.

Ch – 3 Drainage (Part 1)

Drainage describes the river system of an area. The area drained by a single river system is called a drainage basin. And if any elevated area like a mountain or an upland separates two drainage basins, then it is known as water divide.


The animals are classified into ten groups based on the body design, germinal layers, presence of notochord, etc. The ten groups are: Porifera Coelenterata Platyhelminthes Nematoda Annelida Arthropoda Mollusca Echinodermata Protochordata Vertebrata Porifera: They are non-motile animals They have holes or pores all over their bodies Pores help in circulating water throughout the body TheirContinue reading “Animalia”

Ch – 3 Nazism & The Rise Of Hitler (Part 2)

Q.1: In 1919, Hitler joined a small group called _________________. a) German Labour Party b) German Workers Party c) German Imperial Party Q.2: By ________, Nazi Party became the largest party in Germany. a) 1932 b) 1928 c) 1926 Q.3: What promises did Hitler make during his speeches ? i) To restore dignity of GermanContinue reading “Ch – 3 Nazism & The Rise Of Hitler (Part 2)”