Abstract Nouns Worksheet – 1

Q: Form abstract nouns from the words given in the brackets: a) Everybody liked him because of his ____________. (honest) b) Monica shifted to Canada for better ________________ opportunities. (employ)

Conjunctions Worksheet – 2

Q: Join each pair the following sentences by means of a suitable Conjunction:

Shall/Will Worksheet

Ram ________ meet us at the airport. Shubha and Anil _______ attend the meeting together. I _______ leave for my office soon. Mohan ______ work hard for the upcoming exams. We _______ try our best to attend the seminar. The gardener ______ water the plants. Megha ______ get ready for the party. I ________ bakeContinue reading “Shall/Will Worksheet”

Future Perfect Tense Worksheet

Future Perfect Tense is used to talk about actions that will be completed by a certain time in the future, an action which will take place before another event happens and to express conviction that something happened in the near past. Structure: Will + Have + Past Participle Form of Verb ( Sometimes we useContinue reading “Future Perfect Tense Worksheet”