Ch – 8 India: Climate, Vegetation & Wildlife (Objectives)

Q: Tick the correct answers: a) The world’s highest rainfall occurs in _____________.

Ch – 4 Climate

Q.1: ___________ refers to the state of atmosphere over an area at any point of time. a) climate

Ch – 8 India : Climate, Vegetation & Climate (Q-A)

Answer the following questions briefly: a) Which winds bring rainfall in India ? Why is it so important ? Ans: Monsoon winds bring rainfall in India. It is so important because agriculture is dependent on rains.

Ch – 7 Our Country – India (Q-A)

Answer the following questions briefly: a) Name the major physical divisions of India. Ans: The major physical divisions of India are mountains, plateaus, plains, coasts and islands. b) India shares its boundaries with seven countries. Name them. Ans: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Ch – 8 India : Climate, Vegetation & Wildlife Major Seasons recognised in India are: Winter Season ( December to February ) Dry winds blow from north to south. Temperature goes down in northern India. Summer Season ( March to May ) Temperature goes up. Hot dry winds known as ‘loo’ blow during the day. Rainy Season ( June to September ) WindsContinue reading “Ch – 8 India : Climate, Vegetation & Wildlife”