Ch – 7 Tribes, Nomads & Settled Communities

When the society was divided based on varnas, there were still some communities that did not follow the social rules prescribed by the Brahmins. Those communities were often called as Tribes. Tribal Societies: The members were united by kinship bonds. They usually lived in forests, hills, and deserts. They obtained their livelihood from agriculture, hunting-gatheringContinue reading “Ch – 7 Tribes, Nomads & Settled Communities”

Ch – 6 Towns, Traders & Craftspersons

Q.1: _____________ was the capital of Cholas. a) Thanjavur b) Madurai c) Hampi Q.2: ___________________ was the architect of Rajarajeshvara Temple. a) Kunjaramallan Rajaraja Perunthachchan b) King Rajaraja Chola c) Rajendra Chola Q.3: __________ is an alloy containing copper and tin. a) Bronze b) Steel c) Bauxite Q.4: Chola bronze statue were made using theContinue reading “Ch – 6 Towns, Traders & Craftspersons”

Ch – 5 When People Rebel – 1857 & After (Part 2)

Q.1: Who was the general of Nana Saheb ? a) Peshwa Baji Rao b) Rana Pratap c) Tantia Tope Q.2: What gave the people the confidence to take the plunge and join the rebellion ? a) Retreat of British army. b) Letters by Bahadur Shah Zafar. c) British were greatly outnumbered by the rebel forces.Continue reading “Ch – 5 When People Rebel – 1857 & After (Part 2)”

Early Kingdoms In India

Q.1: Landless agricultural labourers were known as ___________. a) tribes b) kammakaras c) bhikkus Q.2: The land where jana sets foot and get settled down is known as ________. a) mahajanapada b) janapada c) sangha Q.3: ___________ is a famous Buddhist book that contains the sayings of the Buddha. a) Vinaya Pitaka b) Digha NikayaContinue reading “Early Kingdoms In India”