Unit 10 – Who Will Be Ningthou ? (Q-A)

Reading Is Fun Q.1: Name the place in Manipur where the Ningthou and Leima ruled. Ans: The Ningthou and Leima ruled in Kangleipak in Manipur. Q.2: Why did the people of Kangleipak love their king and queen ? Ans: The people of Kangleipak loved their king and queen because of their kind nature.

Unit 10 – Malu Bhalu & Who Will Be Ningthou ?

Q.1: Malu lived in a _____. a) igloo b) cave c) lair Q.2: Why did Malu want to go far out to play ? a) To play with her friend b) To see the things that lie there c) None of the above Q.3: Who clasped Malu tightly within her arms ? a) her auntContinue reading “Unit 10 – Malu Bhalu & Who Will Be Ningthou ?”