Ch – 13 Why Do We Fall Ill ?

Q.1: __________ is a state of being well enough to function well physically, mentally and socially. a) Health b) Disease c) None Q.2: __________ disease lasts for a short period of time. a) Acute b) Chronic c) Both Q.3: ___________ system is made up of bones and muscles. a) Musculoskeletal b) Nervous c) Circulatory Q.4:Continue reading “Ch – 13 Why Do We Fall Ill ?”

Microorganisms: Friend & Foe

Q.1: Microorganisms are classified into ____ groups. a) 5 b) 4 c) 2 Q.2: All microorganisms are single-celled. a) True b) False Q.3: ___________ bacterium promotes the formation of curd. a) Rhizobium b) Lactobacillius c) Yeast Q.4: Microorganism like _________ only reproduce inside the cells of the host organism. a) Virus b) Fungi c) BacteriaContinue reading “Microorganisms: Friend & Foe”