Ch – 8 Fire: Friend & Foe

Comprehension Check: Q.1: Mark the correct answer in each of the following: i) Early man was frightened of _____________. Ans: fire ii) Ans: Fire is the result of a chemical reaction. Q.2: From the boxes given below choose the one with the correct order of the following sentences: i) That is fire. ii) A chemicalContinue reading “Ch – 8 Fire: Friend & Foe”

Ch – 8 Civilising The “Native”, Educating The Nation

Q.1: ________________________ was set up by William Jones with Henry Thomas Colebrook and Nathaniel Halhed. a) Benaras Sanskrit College

Ch – 6 Physical & Chemical Changes

Q.1: Properties such as size, shape, colour, etc. of a substance are called its ____________ properties. a) physical b) chemical c) both Q.2: The iron acquires a film of ____________ substance, when it gets rusted. a) greyish b) greenish c) brownish Q.3: Magnesium + Oxygen —-> _______________. a) Magnesium Oxygen b) Magnesium Oxide c) MagnesiumContinue reading “Ch – 6 Physical & Chemical Changes”

Ch – 9 Women, Caste & Reforms

Q.1: Women who died by burning themselves in their husband’s funeral pyre were known as “__________”, meaning virtuous women. a) dasi b) shakti c) sati Q.2: Traders and moneylenders belonged to ________ caste. a) Brahmin b) Kshatriya c) Vaishya Q.3: ‘Brahmo Sabha’ which was later known as ‘Brahmo Samaj’ was founded by ________________ in Calcutta.Continue reading “Ch – 9 Women, Caste & Reforms”

Ch – 5 Separation Of Substances

Q.1: The mixture in which the constituents are uniformly distributed and each part of the mixture has the same properties, is known as _________________ mixture. a) Homogeneous b) Heterogeneous c) None Q.2: The substances which are mixed to form a mixture are called ____________. a) constituents b) components c) Both Q.3: Which of the followingContinue reading “Ch – 5 Separation Of Substances”