Ch – 6 Tissues (Part 2)

Q.1: ____________ issue is present in stems, around vascular bundles, in the veins of leaves and in the hard covering of seeds and nuts. a) Collenchyma b) Aerenchyma c) Sclerenchyma Q.2: The tissues which are made of one type of cells are called ___________________. a) simple permanent tissue b) complex permanent tissue c) none Q.3:Continue reading “Ch – 6 Tissues (Part 2)”

Ch – 6 Tissues (Part 1)

Q.1: The tissues which have the ability to enlarge, stretch and divide into other types of cells are known as ___________ tissues. a) permanent b) meristematic c) both Q.2: A group of cells that are similar in structure and/or work together to achieve a particular function forms a _____________. a) tissue b) organ c) muscleContinue reading “Ch – 6 Tissues (Part 1)”

Ch – 5 The Fundamental Unit Of Life (Part 3)

Q.1: Ribosomes are the sites of _______________ manufacture. a) proteins b) carbohydrates c) vitamins Q.2: Why does rough endoplasmic membrane looks rough under the microscope ? a) Because it has a network system. b) Because it has ribosomes attached to it. c) None Q.3: The SER helps in the manufacture of fat molecules and someContinue reading “Ch – 5 The Fundamental Unit Of Life (Part 3)”

Ch – 4 Structure Of The Atom ( Part 3 )

Q.1: ____________ are defined as the atoms of the same element, having the same atomic number, but different mass numbers. a) Isobars b) Isotopes c) Both Q.2: Each ___________ of an element is a pure substance. a) Isobar b) Isotope c) Both Q.3: An isotope of _____________ is used in the treatment of cancer. a)Continue reading “Ch – 4 Structure Of The Atom ( Part 3 )”

Microorganisms: Friend & Foe

Q.1: Microorganisms are classified into ____ groups. a) 5 b) 4 c) 2 Q.2: All microorganisms are single-celled. a) True b) False Q.3: ___________ bacterium promotes the formation of curd. a) Rhizobium b) Lactobacillius c) Yeast Q.4: Microorganism like _________ only reproduce inside the cells of the host organism. a) Virus b) Fungi c) BacteriaContinue reading “Microorganisms: Friend & Foe”