Structural Organization In Animals

Q.1: Match the following: Types Of Simple Epithelium Tissues Found In 1. Squamous Epithelium i. Lining of stomach and intestine 2. Cuboidal Epithelium ii. Inner surface of bronchioles and fallopian tubes 3. Columnar Epithelium iii. Ducts of glands and tubular parts of nephrons 4. Ciliated Epithelium iv. Walls of blood vessels and air sacs ofContinue reading “Structural Organization In Animals”

Skeletal System & Nervous System

Q.1: Which of these is NOT the other name of backbone? a) vertebral column b) spine c) femur Q.2: A human skull is made up of _____ bones. a) 22 b) 14 c) 33 Q.3: _____ bone is the only movable bone in our skull. a) Upper jaw b) Lower jaw c) Flat bone Q.4:Continue reading “Skeletal System & Nervous System”