Ch – 10 Gravitation

Q.1: The motion of the moon around the earth is due to the __________ force. a) centrifugal

Ch – 9 Force & Laws Of Motion

Q.1: In 1581, Galileo wrote his first scientific book ________________, where he described Archimedes’ method of finding the relative densities of substances using a balance.

Ch – 15 Light

Q.1: ____________ enables us to see the object from which it comes after reflection. a) Shadow b) Eyes c) Light Q.2: The process of sending back the light rays which fall on the surface of an object is called __________ of light. a) reflection b) refraction c) none Q.3: The angle between the incident rayContinue reading “Ch – 15 Light”

Ch – 9 Force, Work & Energy

Q.1: Energy in an object due to its position and its motion is called _________ energy. a) potential b) kinetic c) mechanical Q.2: The ability to do work is known as ___________. a) energy b) force c) friction Q.3: We use _______ energy to cook food. a) chemical b) heat c) light Q.4: In _________-classContinue reading “Ch – 9 Force, Work & Energy”