Simple Present Tense Worksheet

Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Simple Present Tense : The woodcutter _____ (chop) the tree. Dharma _____ (go) for an evening walk daily. The earth _____ (rotate) on its own axis. They _____ (like) to eat at fancy restaurants. She _____ (know) her worth. He _____ (speak) politely with elders. The sun _____ (shine)Continue reading “Simple Present Tense Worksheet”

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet

Present Perfect Tense is an important & interesting tense. Structure of Present Perfect Tense: If subject is singular, then Has + Past Participle of Verb If subject is plural, then Have + Past Participle of Verb It is used: a) To indicate completed activities in the past ( with adverbials ) -> He has justContinue reading “Present Perfect Tense Worksheet”

Present Continuous Tense Worksheet

Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense Worksheet: He _____ (participate) in extra curricular activities. The patient ____ (take) medicines. She ____ (watch) television. David _____ (play) football. They _____ (go) to the college. My father _____ (sleep) now. The monkeys _____ (chatter) on the branches of the tree. The stars _____ (twinkle)Continue reading “Present Continuous Tense Worksheet”