Ch – 4 Mangoes Round The Year

The food items that get spoilt easily are known as ‘Perishable Food Items’. The food items that do not get spoilt easily and can be stored for a long time are known as ‘Non-Perishable Food Items’.  Some of the perishable food items are milk, fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. Some of the non-perishable food items areContinue reading “Ch – 4 Mangoes Round The Year”

Ch – A Snake Charmer’s Story

Saperas are those people who catch snakes. They keep the snakes in bamboo baskets. They also make medicines from plants collected from forests. They also cure snake bites. They can tell which snake had bitten by looking at the snake bite marks. The poisonous teeth of snakes are known as ‘fangs’. Saperas play been toContinue reading “Ch – A Snake Charmer’s Story”

Ch – 1 Super Senses

• Animals can also see, hear, feel, taste and smell like human beings.• Ants recognize each other by smell.• Ants always move in straight line.• When ants move, they leave a smell on the ground.• A male silkworm finds its female counterpart by smell.• Mosquitoes find human beings by smell and heat of their body.•Continue reading “Ch – 1 Super Senses”