Ch – 5 Panchayati Raj

Q.1: The ____________ is a meeting of all adults who live in the area covered by a Panchayat. a) Gram Panchayat b) Gram Sabha c) Both Q.2: Sarpanch is also known as ‘________________’. a) Panchayat President b) Panchayat Secretary c) Panchayat Minister Q.3: Anyone who is 18 years old or more and has voting rightContinue reading “Ch – 5 Panchayati Raj”

Panchayati Raj

Panchayat literally means “group of five persons“. Panchayati Raj provides a system of local self-government. It was included in the constitution through 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1992. It was introduced to bring democracy at the grass root level. Panchayati Raj works at three levels: Village, Block and District. Panchayat at Village level: ItContinue reading “Panchayati Raj”

Ch – 6 Rural Administration

Q.1: There are more than _____ lakh villages in India. a) six b) ten c) sixteen Q.2: ________ is in charge of police station. a) IG b) Inspector c) SHO Q.3: The main work of _________ is to measure land and keep land records. a) District Collector b) Tehsildar c) Patwari Q.4: ________ is responsibleContinue reading “Ch – 6 Rural Administration”