Ch – 8 Comparing Quantities

Q.1: The ratio of 50 cm to 2.5 m is _______. a) 1:1.5 b) 1:5 c) 5:2.5 Q.2: 8 bowls cost Rs 120. What will be the cost of 7 bowls ? a) 105 b) 350 c) 100 Q.3: 72% of 50 students are good in Maths. Find the percentage of students who are notContinue reading “Ch – 8 Comparing Quantities”

Simple Interest

Q.1: Amita takes a loan of Rs 6,000 at 10% per year as rate of interest. Find the interest she has to pay at the end of the year. Q.2: Snehal borrows Rs 72,000 from a moneylender at the rate of 7% interest per annum. Find the interest he has to pay at the endContinue reading “Simple Interest”