Body Movements

Q.1: The framework of all bones in our body are called _________. a) nerves b) joints c) skeleton Q.2: The change in the position of any part of the body with respect to its axis is called _________. a) locomotion b) movement c) both Q.3: There are _______ pairs of ribs in our body. a)Continue reading “Body Movements”

Skeletal System & Nervous System

Q.1: Which of these is NOT the other name of backbone? a) vertebral column b) spine c) femur Q.2: A human skull is made up of _____ bones. a) 22 b) 14 c) 33 Q.3: _____ bone is the only movable bone in our skull. a) Upper jaw b) Lower jaw c) Flat bone Q.4:Continue reading “Skeletal System & Nervous System”