Ch – 6 Understanding Media

Q.1: ______________ demonstrated, the early version of television – “televisor”, to the Royal Institute in London. a) Philo Farnsworth

Ch – 3 Poverty As A Challenge

Q.1: The poverty line is estimated periodically, normally every _______ years. a) seven b) two c) five Q.2: The Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations calls for reducing the proportion of people living on less than one dollar a day to half the 1990 level by _________. a) 2020 b) 2022 c) 2015 Q.3:Continue reading “Ch – 3 Poverty As A Challenge”

Ch – 7 Our Country – India

Q.1: The _____________ is a piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides. a) island b) peninsula c) delta Q.2: The north-south extent from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is about ___________ km. a) 3,200 b) 2,500 c) 3,700 Q.3: India is located in the ___________ hemisphere. a) northern b) southern c) western Q.4:Continue reading “Ch – 7 Our Country – India”