Ch – 8 Human Environmental Interactions: The Tropical And The Subtropical Region

The tropical region lies near the equator that’s why it is referred to as ‘equatorial region’. The place where a river flows into another body of water is called the river’s mouth. Amazon Basin The Amazon river basin drains portions of Brazil, parts of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia and a small part of Venezuela. ClimateContinue reading “Ch – 8 Human Environmental Interactions: The Tropical And The Subtropical Region”

Ch – 4 Maps

A map is a representation or a drawing of the earth’s surface or a part of it drawn on a flat surface according to a scale. Different types of maps are: Physical Maps Shows natural features like mountains, plateaus, plains, rivers, etc. Political Maps Shows cities, countries, towns, states, etc. Thematic Maps Focus on specificContinue reading “Ch – 4 Maps”

Public Facilities

Q.1: The Constitution of India recognises the right to water as being a part of the Right to Life under Article ______. a) 15 b) 21 c) 2 Q.2: The Constitution guarantees the Right to Education for all children between the ages of _______. a) 6-14 b) 5-12 c) 4-18 Q.3: ___________ is responsible forContinue reading “Public Facilities”

Ch – 4 Air

Our earth is surrounded by a huge blanket of air called atmosphere. Nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%) are two gases which make up the bulk of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, helium, ozone, argon and hydrogen are found in lesser quantities. Carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere creates a green house effect by trapping the heatContinue reading “Ch – 4 Air”


Q.1: Which of these following statements are correct? i. High Court is the apex court of India. ii. Judiciary solves disputes between states only. iii. PIL can be filed by any person or organisation. a) i and ii b) only iii c) None Q.2: Article ____ of Constitution on the Right to Life includes RightContinue reading “Judiciary”