Ch – 10 Walls Tell Stories

Q.1: In 1200, the Golconda Fort was made of ______. a) mud b) cement c) concrete Q.2: ___________ Sultans lived in the fort one after another. a) Qutubshahi b) Mughal c) Sayyid Q.3: Bastions are also known as _________. a) burj b) cannons c) baoli Q.4: There are ____ bastions in the outer wall ofContinue reading “Ch – 10 Walls Tell Stories”

Ch – 5 Rulers & Buildings

Q.1: Qutbuddin Aibak had constructed Qutb Minar around ________. a) 1290 b) 1190 c) 1199 Q.2: The Kandariya Mahadeva temple is dedicated to _________. a) Lord Vishnu b) Goddess Durga c) Lord Shiva Q.3: The main hall of the temple is known as ___________. a) shikhara b) garbhagriha c) mahamandapa Q.4: __________ was the placeContinue reading “Ch – 5 Rulers & Buildings”

Ch – 6 Rural Administration

Q.1: There are more than _____ lakh villages in India. a) six b) ten c) sixteen Q.2: ________ is in charge of police station. a) IG b) Inspector c) SHO Q.3: The main work of _________ is to measure land and keep land records. a) District Collector b) Tehsildar c) Patwari Q.4: ________ is responsibleContinue reading “Ch – 6 Rural Administration”

Ch – 7 Our Country – India

Q.1: ____ countries share their land boundaries with India. a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 Q.2: The ______ is a piece of land surrounded by water from three sides. a) island b) delta c) peninsula Q.3: Sri Lanka is separated from India by _______ strait. a) Palk b) Berring c) Strait of Malacca Q.4: HimalayaContinue reading “Ch – 7 Our Country – India”

Ch – 4 Agriculture

Q: Neha uses only organic manure and pesticides in her farm. Which farming is she following ? a) Commercial farming b) Organic farming c) Mixed farming Q: Which of these is NOT a tertiary activity ? a) banking b) transport c) bread baking Q: _____ of India’s population is still dependent on agriculture. a) two-thirdContinue reading “Ch – 4 Agriculture”