Word Problems Worksheet – 1

Q.1: The library donated 4852, 2536 and 4752 books in the month of January, February and March respectively. Find the total number of books donated in these three months.

Decimal (Word Problems)

Q.1: The train covers a distance of 242.04 km in 6 hours. Find the speed of the train per hour. Q.2: If the cost of 1 notebook is Rs 4.35. Then find the cost of 9 such notebooks.

Square Roots Worksheet

Q.1: By repeated subtraction method, find whether the following numbers are perfect square or not. If they are, then find their square root: a) 100 b) 78 c) 81 d) 64 e) 24 Q.2: Find the smallest whole number, by which following numbers should be multiplied in order to get a perfect square number. AlsoContinue reading “Square Roots Worksheet”

Rational Numbers Worksheet

Q.1: Which of the following are negative rational numbers ? a) 3/5 b) 5/(-9) c) (-6)/(-11) Q.2: Write the standard form of: a) (-25)/75 b) 80/(-120) c) 48/(-78) https://amzn.to/2XkMGdA Q.3: Find five rational numbers between (-2) and (-4) Q.4: Give four rational numbers equivalent to (-2)/5 Q.5: Check whether (-13)/15 and (-11)/(-25) represent the sameContinue reading “Rational Numbers Worksheet”