Ch – 7 Tribes, Nomads And Settled Communities (Q-A)

Let’s Recall Q.4: What kind of exchanges took place between nomadic pastoralists and settled agriculturists ?

Ch – 5 Pastoralists In The Modern World

Q.1: Gaddi shepherds of Himachal Pradesh spend their winter in the low hills of ______________ range. a) Himadri b) Himalaya c) Shiwalik Q.2: Gujjar cattle herders live in ________ made of ringals and grass from the Bugyal. a) shikaras b) huts c) mandaps Q.3: Gujjar Bakarwals of ________________ are great herders of goat and sheep.Continue reading “Ch – 5 Pastoralists In The Modern World”

Ch – 7 Tribes, Nomads & Settled Communities

When the society was divided based on varnas, there were still some communities that did not follow the social rules prescribed by the Brahmins. Those communities were often called as Tribes. Tribal Societies: The members were united by kinship bonds. They usually lived in forests, hills, and deserts. They obtained their livelihood from agriculture, hunting-gatheringContinue reading “Ch – 7 Tribes, Nomads & Settled Communities”