Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts

Q.1: Sar means a ________. a) river b) pond c) lake Q.2: King ___________ of Jaisalmer made Ghadisar with the help of people, 650 years ago. a) Pratap b) Aurangzeb c) Ghadsi Q.3: All around the Ghadisar, there were _________ with steps leading to the water, decorated verandahs, rooms and much more. a) ghats b)Continue reading “Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts”

Ch – 14 Water

Q.1: About ________ of the Earth is covered with water. a) two-third b) one-third c) two-fifth Q.2: The process of changing of water into water vapour is known as ___________. a) condensation b) solidification c) evaporation Q.3: ___________ gets added to air by evaporation and transpiration. a) Water vapour b) Rain c) Dust Q.4: ExcessiveContinue reading “Ch – 14 Water”


Q.1: Salinity is the amount of salt in grams present in _______ grams of water. a) 100 b) 1000 c) 10,000 Q.2: When the water vapour cools down, it condenses and forms _______. a) dew b) mist c) clouds Q.3: _________ is celebrated as World Water Day. a) December 22 b) May 12 c) MarchContinue reading “Water”